VR Arcades in Shasta County, CA

We at Redding VR no longer have a physical location, and don’t plan on having one for a long while. However, we want to work with other small businesses and shed some light on other local VR Arcades that have a location for you to check out!

Hordes & Boards is cinching things up and preparing to open in Spring 2023.
“We look forward to providing gamers of all skill levels and ages a unique,  immersive gaming experience. Our cutting edge consoles, PCs and virtual reality rooms are on our WLAN network, allowing you to play solo or with friends near and far.

We are proud to offer tables in our decorated tabletop area, available for hourly use or reservations. Our lounge is staffed with friendly, experienced gamers who are ready to get you booted up.  

Centrally located on Hartnell Ave. in Redding, California we are within walking distance to several restaurants, cafes and shopping centers. “

“Area 151 VR in Shasta Lake is a modern VR zone. We provide the highest level of immersion in virtual reality. 

The tracking system will transfer all your movements into the game, and the huge playground will allow you to feel the freedom of movement.

A well-developed gameplay will allow each participant to feel like a member of the team. You will be able to play the same game over and over and discover new emotions and impressions every time.

Virtual reality is an illusion, but you will forget about it when immersed in Another World.”

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